A game for dogs device CleverPet

We all lead busy lives, and often, we simply don't have the time it takes to get great training results, or to help our family dogs avoid boredom when home alone. We want the best for our dogs, but often there is just not enough time to spend training them and making sure they're engaged.
We take your four-legged family member into our loving and structured environment and teach him or her new boundaries, new obedience commands, address behavioral issues, and we give your pup a jumpstart on how to use the amazing CleverPet!

CleverPet is a game device for dogs currently raising funding on Kickstarter. At its heart, it's a treat dispenser, but it doesn't give up its treasures lightly. The dog has to earn the tasty morsels by figuring out a series of increasingly challenging games. It starts simply. The dog pushes any of the touchpad buttons and receives a treat. Then, only the lit buttons deliver a snack. The puzzles evolve from there, gaining complexity and involving different lights and colors.

The best part is that all of this happens while you're out of the house. Instead of anxiously waiting for family members to come back, your dog is busy playing, learning, and eating gradually over the course of the day. In the morning, instead of putting your dog's morning meal in her usual dish, put it in the CleverPet! Over the course of the day, your dog receives her food in return for solving simple puzzles designed especially for pets. At the end of the day, give your dog her normal evening meal, as well as whatever is left in the CleverPet. This way, your dog is fed the same amount of food each day.

Game for dogs CleverPet

Key features:

Designed for dogs
Durable rubber touch pads; low center of gravity to prevent tipping; no "bitable" parts; a microphone for sensing dog barks.

Tuned to dogs' senses
CleverPet is built to suit natural behaviors (for example pawing, nosing, and digging), and includes lights and sounds designed for your pet's different abilities to see and hear.

Smart dog bowl
CleverPet can replace your dog food bowl. It holds enough food to feed most dogs until you get home. It's compatible with a wide range of dry food sizes.

Completely autonomous
Sit back and let the algorithms do their thing. Fill the CleverPet with food, turn it on, and leave, knowing your dog is having fun and learning while you're away.

Always ready
Pet interactions can happen all day, whether or not you're home.

Remote monitoring 
See your pet's progress in real time through our website and app, and view summaries of your dog's learning over time.

Take it slow
Feeds your dog slowly, a few pieces of food at a time.

Never boring
Adapts to your dog's responses continuously to keep your pet challenged.

It can connect to other smart devices. Just imagine the possibilities!

Will it work with my cats?
Some cats are energetic, curious, and food-motivated, while others aren't. Our touch pads are designed to work with with any kind of paw. We know multiple backers have pledged to receive a console that they plan to use with their cats.